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We achieve this goal through our commitment to offer the most characterized, highest quality service and products available today based on our innovative technologies and our enormous research and development capabilities.

In pursuit to offer the top-quality products, we utilize the most technologically advanced equipments to thoroughly test our products. Our product data will include the most current

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
Mass Spectro,
SDS-PAGE, Western blotting,
Immuno-histochemistry data

for the most stringent QA and QC inspections.

Antagene, Inc. was founded in the Bay area of San Francisco, California.  The principal goal of the company is to provide products and services that ultimately support academic and commercial endeavors in the area of :
  Peptide synthesis
  Antibody products
  Antibody services
  Diagnostic immunology
  Animal service

Mission statement
Antagene Inc. is ready to commit its skills, laboratories, and equipment to every client's research project. Our customer service team provides flexible and multiple choices to meet the unique requirement of each of our clients. Our goals are to continue providing the best quality of service and products to today's scientific research community.
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